Blessiah AI: know your purpose in life

Blessiah is a computer algorithm which is based on the rules of Vedic Astrology. We have done tons of research in this project. Its not just if…else block in Javascript, our algorithm is so complex that it can exactly point out things that even the most experienced astrologers miss. Therefore, the way of traditional astrology will be replaced by computer algorithms.

It is the future of Astrology. You don’t have to go and book an appointment with very expensive astrologers anymore. Besides, they may even miss many important aspects of your life in the reading. Blessiah doesn’t make any mistake. The computer algorithm is designed to calculate all the effects of different planets on different houses of your birth chart. Also, no astrologer can give you a 55 pages long report in such a low price. All the things mentioned in the report are only related to you based on the position of different planets during the time of your birth. The report can be very helpful if you are trying to find out what you are truly good at. The major aspects of a person that this report focuses are: Education and Income, Family life, Character, Happiness and Fulfillment, Life Style, Career, Occupation, Health, Hobbies, Love Matters, Finance and Education. After reading this report, you’ll notice about your weaknesss and strengths.

The Report covers:

Report Background

About the report

Guardian Angel’s Message: Guardian Angels are always sending you a message, you just can’t pick it up. Through this report, you will directly receive the message, you just need to trust it.

Purpose in Life:
Many people feel lost and depressed in life because they don’t know about their purpose in life.
Everyone has a purpose. That’s why we reincarnate in the first place. It is called “Prarabdha Karma” in Sanskrit which means those are the fields in life in which you should focus for your soul to evolve. So to find that purpose, you need to look at your birth chart. Your birth time and place are not random as throwing a dice, the angels do it by carefully calculating all the placement of planets and their corresponding energy. If the energies are right, you enter this world. So, Blessiah can tell you about your purpose in life. So don’t get lost, read your life report.

Suitable Occupation:
Wonder why some people do well at the job and some do good by starting their own business? That is because of their personality and what the 10th house of their birth chart looks like. Many factors go into determining what occupation will be good for you. The 11th house of your birth chart will determine your income and if the planets are good in that house, money will come to you. So, Blessiah can help you with that too.

Problems in life and remedies:
Many people have different kinds of problems that follow them all the time. To uncover those problems, you need to look at your “house of obstacles or 8th house” in your birth chart. Also, many malefic planets give different kinds of diseases based on their placement in different houses. So, Blessiah can easily detect those diseases and remedy how to nullify those negative energies.

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