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Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence software tool that creates content automatically. Jasper AI uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to generate content for you so you don’t have to spend time writing. Using Jasper, you can create blog posts, social media posts, ads, eBooks, landing page copies, stories, novels, and more – automatically. The #1 reason most people (over 50,000 people) use Jasper AI is this: content that’s generated by Jasper is better than ALL the other AI writing tools combined!

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Spik is a provider of free online text to speech software. It generates realistic-sounding audio from text using machine learning algorithms. It also provides a voice chatbot in the text-to-speech app.

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AutoDraw is an excellent tool for artists and non-artists. Use this site to quickly draw professional looking images for any number of classroom purposes. Create images to accompany presentations on an interactive whiteboard (or projector) or for use on your class website.

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DALL·E 2 can create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles. DALL·E 2 has learned the relationship between images and the text used to describe them. It uses a process called “diffusion,” which starts with a pattern of random dots and gradually alters that pattern towards an image when it recognizes specific aspects of that image.

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